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The end of the modem…

I wrote a blog last year about changes that Ofcom were bringing in around broadband Fttc Street Cabinetswitching. I expected it to be ignored and get one hit due to the less than exciting nature of this info.

However it was weirdly popular (actually the most popular one I wrote all year!) so clearly there is an audience for industry changes by Ofcom.  Who would of thought it?

So I thought I would write a blog about another exciting industry change but this time by Openreach. I can feel the hits coming already!

So here is the news, over the past two years Openreach has reduced the FTTC modems they provide and they will be fully withdrawn by March 2016.

What makes this newsworthy is the impact it will have on users and any service provider. Firstly Openreach has created an approved list of hardware that they will allow to be used on the network. This means unlike ADSL where you can connect any device and use this freely, you can’t on FTTC.

Openreach is saying that only routers on their approved list should be used and that any non-certified kit could result in engineering charges.

This means our customers and our partners need to act now to think about their hardware strategy.  The current list is below, please take note!

Also with modems going this means no more man-in-a-van for FTTC at your property or place or work. Instead they will configure at the cabinet. We will be rolling these changes out shortly (watch this space for comms).

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, feel free to drop me a note at

And look out for my next Ofcom, OpenReach blog...  ; )


List of routers

• Cisco 887

• Cisco 897

• Zyxel VMG8324

• Zyxel VMG8924

• Huawei HG633

• Technicolor TG789

• Technicolor TG588