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Voucher experts Pouch uncover 30% savings with AWS Well-Architected

Dragon’s Den featured Pouch become KCOM’s highest saving AWS Well-Architected Review customer

Communications and IT services provider KCOM has completed its highest-saving Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Review yet for Pouch, the online voucher saving company that featured on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. 

KCOM identified a 30% saving on Pouch’s AWS cloud spend per month, plus a potential 20% saving on its development resources. Alongside this, KCOM  is delivering $5,000 worth of free consultancy time to Pouch (which has been fully-funded by AWS) to remediate cloud issues.

Pouch is a London-based start-up, dedicated to giving online customers automatic access to the best voucher codes at checkout. They came to KCOM to re-evaluate the cloud architecture behind the Pouch brand. 

Pouch have so far raised £340,000 in capital in the last 2 years. With this investment, and appearing on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Pouch has grown significantly in the last two years.

Investing in AWS cloud services was an early decision for Vikram Simha, the company’s co-founder and CTO. He realised, though, that Pouch’s rapid growth Pouch meant it was time to get an independent view on where its systems could be optimised, made more secure and offer cost savings.

“KCOM’s Well-Architected Review for AWS customers is a great way of doing a health check for your cloud architecture, and accessing big cost savings and consultancy discounts from AWS,” said Vikram Simha, at Pouch.  “Opening your systems up to independent, expert, critical evaluation can be worrying, but it’s ultimately a relief to know that you’re taking advantage of the constantly evolving AWS services, as well as making the best use of your cloud investments.”

"Pouch is a smart, young company using Serverless technology to host their services on the AWS platform,” said Jason Oliver, Lead Cloud Architect at KCOM.  “We expected a lot of issues given the rapid pace of development, but Vikram runs a tight ship, and, bar a few security bolstering opportunities, he can relax that he’s getting the most out of his AWS investment.”