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KCOM helps Domino's to deliver

KCOM helps Domino's get a bigger slice of online action

Before its partnership with KCOM began Domino’s received and processed most of its orders over the phone. Three years on and with KCOM’s wide area network (WAN) solution, Domino’s now processes around 62% of its orders online with some stores receiving over 90% of their business online.

Colin Rees, CIO at Domino's, says: “We’re a fast moving business and our single focus is the home delivery of pizza, freshly made to order with high quality ingredients. Being able to order online is a win for both our customers and us.

“Online is where people are and where they like to buy. Now that our customers have the whole menu in front of them, they can take their time ordering and the accuracy of the order is higher.

“Our main ICT challenge was dealing with how rapidly we were opening new stores and making sure the new stores were able to receive online orders. Now we’re online we’re seeing our customers ordering more than they used to and coming back more frequently, which is fuelling our growth.

“In the last three years KCOM has been monitoring and managing our network, providing proactive service and support on a 24 hour, seven day a week basis with the help of its Service Management Centre (SMC). During our peak times it is essential that our network and systems are 100% available to make sure we’re able to deal with demand and fulfil every single one of our customer orders.”

In the last year Domino’s has increased the number of UK and European stores from 805 to 858. This level of growth means the technology infrastructure required to get each store up and running needs to be deployed quickly and be flexible enough to cope with large demand so online customers can be served straight away.

Rob Wells, Head of Digital Customer Engagement at KCOM, says: “Since we began working with Domino’s our partnership has developed as our understanding of how we can support their expanding business has increased.

“As an advanced multichannel retailer Domino’s has achieved outstanding growth, and knows it can rely on us to deliver the best IT infrastructure. What this means is that the pressure shifts from the IT team over to the store teams who must keep up with demand for making and delivering great pizza.”