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AWS MSP Renewal for the 6th year in a row

KCOM Business has achieved its annual AWS MSP Renewal

I am absolutely delighted to confirm that KCOM National Business has achieved its annual AWS MSP Renewal for the 6th year in a row.  

As one of the early adopters of the MSP framework we have shaped our cloud capability in line with AWS best practices to ensure that we can serve our customers as a true AWS Cloud Trusted advisor.

We work with a broad spectrum of businesses across many industries both private and public sector.  We recognise that whilst no two customers are the same and have unique business objectives, we can rely on the AWS MSP  quality framework, best practices and patterns to shape our own Cloud offering to  meet and exceed customer expectation.   After multiple years on the program KCOM now has a mature Cloud capability with a centre of excellence (COE) at its core, driving continuous improvements in our architectural decision making, development techniques, automation capabilities and overall customer experience. 

Obtaining the level of AWS MSP accreditation is challenging and every year AWS continue to raise the bar to ensure that MSP partners continuously evolve and offer Cloud customers the best possible service.  As 1 of only 10 UK headquartered MSP providers and with our early adoption of the framework, KCOM has positioned itself as a trusted advisor and strategic partner to businesses who recognise that the key to success is not looking just at adoption or modernisation but that the focus should be on the development of a cloud strategy around the full delivery lifecycle.  And that’s where working with an accredited AWS MSP partner can provide a competitive edge within a cloud digital transformation strategy.

The AWS MSP, when first launched focussed more around cloud adoption, infrastructure best practices, delighting the end customers and of course maintaining  strong security best practices.  The Next Generation MSP framework has evolved over the years and now targets quality throughout the delivery lifecycle and customer experience.  To obtain the AWS MSP status we have to demonstrate our highly skilled capability with demonstrations, collateral and customer use cases traversing the  PLAN > DESIGN > BUILD > MIGRATE > RUN > OPERATE > OPTIMISE lifecycle. 


As an AWS MSP partner it’s also really important that we can demonstrate not only quality however also modern methods and techniques to enable our customers to receive the benefits from  Cloud based solutions;

  • Improved cost management controls, this starts at design however also needs continuous review to unlock the true potential of continuous optimization.    This year we have helped customers, optimize through Rightsizing, Reserved instances, improved automation and migration to new pricing plans where appropriate. This focus has been increasingly important throughout Covid-19 where many customers have seen a downturn in revenue and KCOM have been able to reduce their cost base through our expertise in this area. Rail Delivery Group Case Study
  • Increased Agility, is also paramount for any Cloud business.   We know that Cloud adoption reduces the risk profile and overheads associated with On-Prem solutions however another key benefit of Cloud adoption is increased agility.  The ability to benefit from true CI/CD pipelines and orchestration to deliver an increased velocity of business change faster to ensure that your own business and customer solutions  remains relevant.  This year KCOM have supported customers to help improve standards, drive automation and increase their ability to deliver incremental change.  Our highly certified DevOps team remain engaged throughout the end to end customer journey and continuously work with our Managed Service customers to ensure that these benefits are realised.  We have also been pushing the boundaries of cloud technologies to work with progressive customers to design and deliver Serverless cloud solutions.   These solutions deliver an even greater level of agility, scalability and performance whilst reducing costs and associated overheads.
  • Secure by design, it is important to build security into the heart of any architecture to ensure that AWS best practices are achieved.  The key challenge around security is knowing that you can evolve and improve your security posture in line with industry trends, threats and emerging enhancements. Over recent times we have worked with our Managed Service customers to help them improve their security posture from external threats and also to protect customer data and deliver compliance within GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) standards.
  • Growth, is another key factor.   Most customers plan for business growth and cloud adoption is a common vehicle to achieve this goal.   As an AWS MSP partner we have worked with many customers over many years and supported them on their cloud adoption journey supporting them every step of the way.   As a trusted adviser for AWS best practices we have helped these customer scale and evolve their cloud footprint in line with true business demands ensuring that we continuously deliver value for the customer.  Working closely with AWS and as an AWS Premier partner we are in the driving seat when it comes to new technology enhancements, POV’s and best practices to ensure that our customers can continuously reap the benefits of Cloud technology to support sustainable business growth.

This continued achievement by the KCOM Cloud practice is testament to the hard work and dedication of our people and demonstration and recognition of KCOM’s ability to continue delivering the benefits of cloud technology solutions to a plethora of  consultancy, project and managed service customers. It is the reason that I turn up to work every day with a smile.  

As AWS continue to  develop services and technology building blocks, I know that the KCOM team will continue to evolve and innovate the ways we adopt and utilise these features to translate true business value for our customers.   The AWS MSP framework is tough, but with a customer centric ethos and a proactive workforce, this framework will help us build and maintain the foundation blocks to remain a market leader for cloud services and a true trusted advisor for our  customers.


Steve Sell

Professional Services Manager