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Coronavirus statement - 19 March 2020

KCOM Group Limited customer briefing

Our infectious disease outbreak planning: Covid-19

In the event of an outbreak of an infectious disease, our key objectives are the safety and welfare of our colleagues and customers, and the continued provision and maintenance of our services.

Our business continuity and incident management plans and processes are well-established and are certified to ISO 22301. These include the monitoring of worldwide events that could affect our operations and our people, directly or indirectly.

This document explains our pandemic planning in general and how we are responding to the current coronavirus outbreak.

We’re confident of being ready to deal with any issues created by the outbreak, and of being able to continue delivering our services to you. We’ll constantly reappraise our position as more information becomes available.


Our pandemic planning

Our pandemic planning strategy includes:

  • Monitoring global infectious disease activity
  • Assessing pandemic impact
  • Pandemic incident management
  • Pandemic response plans
  • Operational business continuity planning for a pandemic
  • Specific pandemic preparedness planning issues

Our responses to a pandemic are co-ordinated at KCOM Executive Leadership Team level, with a cross-functional team responsible for planning and delivering them.

As far as the Covid-19 outbreak is concerned, our planning teams are monitoring trusted information sources and making direct contact with relevant governmental and other agencies.

We’re also working closely with our suppliers to make sure we’re jointly prepared for any potential impact of the outbreak on our business.


Our response to a disease outbreak

We are able to maintain our critical business processes while we assess the effect and risk of any outbreak. Due to the guidance from the public health authorities, it has become necessary to invoke our home working policy so that our people can continue to provide services for our customers. Where employees are unable to work from home, we have put social distancing in place so that employees do not work in close proximity within offices and shift patterns established in order to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Our Business Continuity Manager, supported by a Pandemic Team comprising of Risk, Health & Safety, Estates Management, Human Resource, Network Services and Procurement, is monitoring the Covid-19 situation and reviewing international health guidance, UK Government advice, established health networks and expert opinion.

Safeguarding the company’s operations is a Board-level concern. In addition, each of our operational teams are responsible for delivering a response in their specific area or location and have tailored plans detailing how they’ll do this.


Activity taken to date specific to Covid-19

  • Invocation of Pandemic Planning Checklist and Plans
  • Regular communication and guidance to all employees to reduce internal risk
  • Business travel ban to all areas identified as being potential high-risk areas by UK Government and all travel abroad
  • Monitoring of third-party contractors’ travel
  • Monitoring of employees’ personal travel plans to all areas identified as being potentially high-risk areas by the UK Government
  • Review of relevant Human Resources policies
  • Robust communication paths in place should an employee or their families become at risk of contracting Covid-19 i.e. through exposure to suspected cases / localised events across the UK
  • Home working policy invocated for those employees able to work from home
  • Social distancing measures for those employees unable to work from home
  • Consideration of vulnerable employees in line with the available guidance
  • Triple redundancy working arrangements for our network operations employees
  • Cancelled internal conferences and public events

The severity of any disease outbreak, the people most at risk and numbers of people affected can’t be predicted with any certainty. We continually review, test and refine our plans, but more detailed aspects may need to come into play if the outbreak escalates.

You can be assured that we’re well prepared for that possibility. We’ll communicate with you again should any further escalation occur.



The information contained in this document is:

  • To provide an overview of KCOM's current pandemic contingency plans and activities and for no other
  • To reflect the information available to us and our knowledge at the time it was

Our pandemic contingency plans are constantly evolving and developing and are subject to change. This brief is not intended to form part of any contract, nor should it be implied into any existing contract or contracts between KCOM and other organisations. It is or the sole use of the recipient and is confidential as between KCOM and the recipient.