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Is Digital Transformation on your IT agenda?

Is Digital Transformation on your IT agenda?

The theme of Digital Transformation in the finance industry was a key topic discussed at a recent Chief Wine Officer Finance industry reception co-hosted by communications provider KCOM.

Representatives from Nationwide, HSBC and RBS and other finance organisations attended the event at the Walbrook Members Club in London, where discussions focused on the growing challenges of leapfrogging your legacy technology in a digital age.

Andy Wood, Director of Collaboration and Managed Services at KCOM said: “At the event we wanted to understand what IT leaders felt were the biggest leadership challenges around the digital transformation agenda. There are a number of factors to consider when your organisation is developing a digital strategy such as cultural aspects, using in-house teams versus third parties and getting buy-in from the rest of the organisation you’re working in.

“Another challenge is achieving engagement in transformation at the highest level. For example according to research by Gartner and Forrester by 2015 70% of customer interaction will originate from mobile devices, but only 8% of CIOs are engaged in mobile customer care projects.

“KCOM is helping a number of high-street financial brands achieve their transformational aims in becoming the best digital providers in their industry by using cloud technologies that foster innovation without the disruption to existing IT services.”

Guests at the event heard about how solutions from KCOM has helped leading financial institutions compete against new market entrants, increase customer engagement, avoid technology dead-ends and create a stable and scalable technology infrastructure.

Other speakers at the event included Ian Foddering CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Cisco and Dr John Knell, author and co-founder of Intelligence Agency.