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Happy Birthday Partner Programme!

The Comms Business Awards last month was a significant milestone for our Partner Programme.

I attended my first Awards on behalf of Eclipse four years ago and it got me thinking about how the landscape has changed (and stayed the same!) since then.

Unsurprisingly the Comms Business Awards website doesn’t go back that far and I can’t remember the winners that night but I do remember the partners on our table because they’re still partners today.  What struck me recently though was how well Eclipse is received by so many attendees.  I couldn’t walk from the table to the loo to the bar (not necessarily in that order) without being stopped by well-known faces from our industry.  The Eclipse partner team has worked hard to create and maintain those relationships so it’s heartening to see that we’ve grown from ‘little Eclipse’ to be a major player in the channel offering much more than connectivity products.

It’s worth considering the competitive landscape while we’re strolling down memory lane.  It’s a different industry in that many of our peers have changed their shape and scope; many have been acquired, some have fallen off the radar and a few are in completely different forms thanks to mergers, rebrands and diversification. 

I think we fall into that last category.  Eclipse has evolved by developing its product offering and its focus on adding value for resellers.  There are hundreds more partners on our books and it’s the work that they do that makes me most proud.  I can’t walk down a high street without recognising brands that our partners have helped with our products.

Without their success, we’re nothing so continuing to support the Comms Business Awards is very important to me.  It’s so much more than an opportunity to network; it highlights the continued success of our industry.