The Client

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) is the overarching body that brings together all of the UK’s passenger and freight rail companies, HS2 and Network Rail into a single organisation with one goal - to ‘deliver a better railway for you and your community’.

The requirement

RDG supports its members with a range of services including the provision of national ticketing, train information and reservation services for passengers and staff. As part of a new project under the rail industry’s Customer Information Strategy, RDG needed to support National Rail Enquiries in providing access to more accurate real-time train location data. Having implemented a new GPS system on all its trains that would communicate real-time location rather than the previous system that utilised sensors along the railway track, RDG now required a cloud-based system to process the large volumes of data being generated and make it available to customers in real-time.

KCOM's Solution

KCOM has worked with National Rail Enquiries since 2012 and was responsible for evolving and managing its legacy systems to ensure its website could meet peak service demands during exceptional circumstances including extreme weather and industrial action.
As a continuation of this support, KCOM was asked to help RDG deliver its new Train Location and Movement Service(TLMS). In response, KCOM proposed a new fully-serviced cloud-native application to coordinate the data analysis and interfacing of the TLMS.

In order to ensure the project was completed with zero down-time, it was rolled out in three successive stages (test,
pre-production and production) to provide time to iron out any problems before it was set live. Following implementation, KCOM provides 24/7 cloud service management to ensure the service is available around the clock. KCOM will also continuously review the infrastructure to optimise ongoing performance.

The value

Having worked with RDG over several years, KCOM has developed deep industry expertise within the rail sector and built a strong working relationship with the organisation. In addition to this valued ongoing partnership, RDG is now confident that National Rail Enquiries can always provide the information customers need when they need it. The website has the flexibility to meet peaks and troughs indemand – like the hottest day of the year - and the new TLMS provides the relevant information on-demand as customers seek alternative routes in response to cancellations and delays to service. With KCOM, RDG is providing excellent customer information for the nation’s critical rail networks.

KCOM are a key partner for our innovation. We’ve thrown a lot of challenging projects at them over the years but they’ve repeatedly proven their ability to deliver success

Tim Martin, Rail Delivery Group