The client:

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is one of Britain’s leading automotive manufacturers. They enlisted KCOM to design and build a data platform so they could analyse vehicle data to derive actionable insights, which in turn would drive competitivity and efficiency.

The requirement:

In JLR’s cars, up to 150 sensors collect data about the behaviour of the driver and car functionality. This is then uploaded to a third-party platform in a data warehouse. JLR needed direct access to this data to carry out in-depth analysis. It wanted autonomy over the data in its own platform to enable its data scientists to access it and perform associated data analytics. The insights derived from the data could then potentially be fed back into car design and engineering to improve the functionality and operation of vehicles, as well as increase production efficiency.

KCOM's solution:

In 2016 JLR selected KCOM for its technical abilities and AWS expertise, which gave it the ability to deliver one of the biggest and most complex cloud-native projects of its kind. Quite simply, KCOM’s connected car platform is ground-breaking. Using cutting-edge serverless technology on AWS, the highly advanced platform represents the next generation of public cloud platforms. Over 30 AWS services (such as Glue and Firehose) were integrated into the platform for use in analytics. KCOM developed the solution over nine months, adapting as requirements evolved to ensure JLR received the best possible solution for their evolving requirements.

The value:

JLR's data scientists can now use the data generated from its large fleet of cars to feed into the design process, highlighting problems as well as potential improvements and efficiencies, and driving further innovation. Currently standing at 250 million transactions a day, the fleet is predicted to generate over 800 million transactions per day within five years. JLR can now harness this information to make intelligent, data-driven decisions about everything from engine performance to fuel consumption and vehicle safety.

The platform also enables valuable analysis of new technology in JLR's first all-electric car. KCOM’s platform will enable JLR to rapidly optimise key systems and quickly address any issues that may occur. It will also allow JLR to integrate vehicle data with peripheral data – such as weather reports – to build more holistic analyses.

The platform is now live and delivering results. KCOM remains engaged, providing leading-edge consultancy as well as a 24/7 managed service to ensure that the data is constantly available. As the automotive industry focuses on electric cars, partnership with expert IT consultants like KCOM is essential to success.