KCOM built our trust by responding to our demands and keeping us informed. With our new network we are much better positioned to drive growth and deliver additional services to the business.

Peter Symes, IT Operations Manager

A reliable network that delivers real business benefits

Hidden Hearing's current network and legacy systems were struggling to support their two main areas of operations: retail stores in high streets and health centres across the UK, and the field sales team who visit customers in their homes.

As well as futureproofing their business, our network has enabled Hidden Hearing to migrate their IP telephony, including quality control, call recording, redirection and customer service visibility to a lower cost, more effective network, and positioned them to further explore their cloud migration strategy.

  • Greatly improved speed and reliability
  • 40% reduction in operating costs, freeing up funds to invest in customer service
  • Improved security and visibility
  • A robust infrastructure to support migration to IP telephony

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