We asked each of our panel members a series of questions that exhibit their shared 226+ years of industry experience, why you should take advantage and how they can use it to help transform your business with innovative technologies.

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Our panel


Chris Fletcher - Head of Direct Sales

Customer solutions

Alex Castle-Mason - Head of Customer Solutions, Product and Propositions


Steven Sell


Ian Taylor

Collaborate and contact centre

Zinedin Karzazi (Contact centre)

Collaborate and contact centre

Mike Diss (Unified Comms)

Collaborate and contact centre

Stuart Griffiths (SmartComms)

Strategy and planning

Shane Brighton


Tony Blackhurst

Accelerated Cloud Landing Zone

Gavin Brown

NHS and Public Sector

Ian Ashwood 

Solutions that meet the challenge

We know that the most powerful support we can give you right now is to give you the best tools to meet the challenges that 2020 has created.

We will listen and provide straightforward advice you can rely on, and recommend the solutions that deliver real time benefits to you and your customers whilst still having the flexibility to evolve with your business.

Take a look at some of the solutions we have available to help you deal with a range of challenges 

  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Working from home
  • Returning to the office
  • Risk management for people 
  • Maintaining customer experience
  • Spinning up more capacity
  • Shrinking back to save on cost
  • Needing partner agility, quick reactions.
  • Optimisation of cloud estates
  • Keeping the phones answered
  • Migration plans to the cloud


Accelerated Cloud Landing Zone is the first stepping stone in cloud migration.

ACLZ can assist with disaster recovery and business continuity planning, risk management of workforces returning to the office and home working challenges and give you the ability to spin up more when needed

Cloud contact centre

Cloud Contact Centre enables flexibility, scalability and innovation to improve the customer experience whilst reducing costs

If you are looking to maintain excellent customer service, even when your team is working from home then read on.

Managed server hosting

Outsource your server setup, operation and maintenance to our fully secure and flexible hosted environments, for 99.999% availability of your applications.

No need to worry if your IT team cant get back into the office

Cloud optimisation

Your cloud estate is an ever changing landscape and we have the accreditations and experience t be able to help you save costs and improve your cloud solutions in both AWS and Azure


A future proof foundation, with the flexibility to grow.

Giving you greater control, more visibility and real time cost savings. Plus SD WAN has a whole range of Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud, contact centre and voice solutions simply plug in.  

IP Voice and SIP

SIP Trunks is a highly flexible and future-proof IP-voice service; maintaining quality and business continuity at a significantly lower cost than ISDN lines.

Cost effective, with dedicated support helps you maintain an excellent customer experience


Dedicated single or multiple-site connectivity that grows to match the ever-changing demands of your organisation.

And Protected, Diverse and Diverse Plus failover options on our 100Mb and 1Gb Ethernet connections, for added peace of mind