Businesses have had to adapt in 2020 due to covid-19 pandemic, with organisations having to follow strict government guidelines in order to keep employees and customers safe while still maintaining business as usual.

Was your business prepared when the social distancing measures were introduced? Did you have the right technology in place which made the transition to WFH seamless or was it an unexpected headache that could have been avoided.

With modern day technology, WFH has never been easier. Businesses have chosen to migrate to cloud based solutions for a richer feature set while reducing costs, increasing flexibility with more robust security. The right cloud solutions can make your workforce as or even more efficient while working from the comfort of their own home.

We have outlined 6 key areas that are important when WFH and relevant technology helping to meet the requirements for successful transitions to WFH.

The basics

Before you can start working from home you will need to have the following technology as a minimum:
• 1-2 computer monitors
• A decent headset or inbuilt microphone
• Webcam
• Mouse and keyboard
• Strong and reliable internet connection
• Remote tools


Now that your workforce is WFH they will require secure access to your businesses network in order to access confidential files and customer data in order to complete their daily duties.
Access the internet through a home wi-fi network can provide opportunities for potential cybercriminals with multiple devices connected to the home network without enterprise grade security allowing easy access to the network.
Having access to your businesses network through a secure VPN is a great start but additional tech is needed to really reduce the risk of a cyber-attack.
A great solution for this would be Accelerated Cloud Landing Zone (ACLZ) which has a range of security and monitoring features to keep your platform and your organisation safe.
A few key security features of ACLZ are:
• Enterprise grade security is built-in from the ground up protecting your organisation and business continuity and giving you one less thing to worry about.
• VPN connectivity – A secure resilient connection to the platform.
• Anti-virus protection – Operating system (O/S) level protection against anti-malware type threats.
• Monitoring/dashboard – Your dashboard shows the performance, health and availability of your servers, database and underlying cloud services, as well as security alerts.
You can find the full list of security features in the Accelerated Cloud Landing Brochure by clicking here.

Even with the most advanced security technology in place, the biggest threat is still the end user. Make sure you’re providing your workforce continued cyber threat training to further limit risk.

Communication & Collaboration

When your workforce is WFH they need to not only be able to communicate internally, but they need a phone system that allows them to talk to customers through multiple channels providing the same level of customer satisfaction they’re used to.
Unified Communications is a cloud-based telephony system which allows you to make or answer calls wherever you are as long as you have a stable internet connection.
• You can communicate with customers instantly via voice, video or instant message and share documents instantly and securely.
• UC solutions includes many features enabling your workforce to take your business to the next level, and the best part is you will also save on average 5o% off your current lines and calls package.
• It can be maintained and supported remotely which is a huge benefit when WFH, no more waiting for a engineer before an issue can be resolved, you need to be back up and running asap and UC is the best solution for that.
• All hardware is plug and play making installation quick and easy without long installs for software and adjusting complex settings anyone can do it, and you will be online in no time.

Scalability & Optimisation

Due to these uncertain times your business requirements might change daily, and having a solution in place that that can keep up with these changes is essential.
For example, you may suddenly need to hire more employees due to a sudden surge of business. These new employees under current guidelines will still have to WFH and a solution that can easily add or remove users quickly is a must.
Migrating to any cloud-based product can help you achieve this by enabling the following:
• IT teams can easily add or remove end users instantly and manage custom settings that fit the exact needs of your business.
• Business are no longer limited to the outdated hardware they have on site. Cloud system can be updated and increase power and storage with ease.
• Reap the benefits while saving on cost, you will no longer have upfront cost of purchasing expensive equipment that could quickly become outdated. You only pay for what you use and minimise waste.
• You will not need to build and maintain a physical secondary data centre which will reduce disaster recovery costs.

Customer Experience

When WFH your employees of your business still need to deliver a high level of service for customers, they need to be readily available and to quickly resolve any query raised.
AWS contact centre has a range of features which will help you deliver the high standards of service your business is known for.
• Callers have an improved experience through shorter call wait times and the ability to get answers to basic calls 24 x 7
• A comprehensive contact centre technology with unprecedented flexibility and scalability.
• It can be deployed quickly
• The costs of the solution are aligned to demand
• The solution can scale technically as need arises


When WFH it’s important for employees to have access to support when an issue arises and needs to be resolved quickly. A cloud-based solution can provide support remotely allowing most problems to be resolved over a call without the need of a physical engineer being called out.
When you partner with KCOM for migrating to the cloud you can take advantage of our experienced support teams.
• Our UK-based customer support team is always on hand to advise you on any aspect of the service you receive from us. Whatever questions you may have, from billing through to account detail changes, we provide friendly, hassle-free assistance whenever you need it.
• Our technical support teams are completely unscripted and experts in their fields. We aim to answer all calls within 60 seconds and, no matter what technical issue you are experiencing, can usually be resolved there and then. You can get hold of us by phone, email or social media.

If you would like further information, click here or request to speak to our support panel specialists.

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