Businesses have faced many challenges during 2020 including ever-changing restrictions making it very frustrating and time-consuming when managing your business's key operations and process.

Its been very tough for businesses across the globe with many just trying to survive until normality returns.

This article looks at cost-effective and scalable cloud solutions that can help your business adapt to whatever challenges it may face. Take this opportunity to not only survive but prosper, by utilising innovative technology that can help you look after customers, staying profitable, and continuing to grow.

Keeping up with changing business requirements

No longer are businesses restricted to the rigid limitations of physical servers, and agile cloud solution is future-ready because it can be updated and maintained without the need to buy additional hardware.

It also frees up space and saves money on energy bills by not running the servers on-premise.

Businesses need to be able to adapt quickly to many situations, cloud can scale with business requirements at that time, it is easily managed and updated not requiring a physical engineer to visit saving time and money.

Why are businesses moving to the cloud?

  • Improve operations
  • Better customer experience
  • Enable flexible working
  • Saving your business time and money
  • Storing data securely
  • Increasing productivity and profitability

Let take a closer look at each of the bullet points…

Improving business operations

Gone are the days of physical servers taking up much-needed space and increasing your energy bills while being run on-premise. Cloud technology is scalable, meaning you can grow or reduce your system depending on your business requirements at the time.

You can simply increase or reduce your usage with a cloud provider like Amazon Web Services of Microsoft Azure. If your business requires more usage urgently, this can be done instantly, and you will be charged accordingly. You can also reduce your usage during quiet periods which reduces your costs.

Improving customer experience

The cloud provides businesses with a platform to create valuable apps that can enhance customer experience and provide additional support. Customer habits are changing because of the cloud, they want answers and the options to buy products anytime, anywhere.

Employees can now connect with customers with any device, whether it’s via a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.

Sharing information is made easier because of the high-quality bandwidth made available by the cloud. Even the smallest business can provide the large date rich files that customers crave such as how-to-videos

Enabling flexible working

From 1995 to 2015 remote workers have increased by 37% because of businesses adopting cloud technologies. Cloud allows your employees to access sensitive data securely through applications like Microsoft Teams or Office 365 which allow them to continue working as if they were in the office.

Cloud can help a new mother work remotely from home a few days a week, providing a great work-life balance and equal opportunity. This can save your business money not having to spend expensive agency fees on a temporary replacement and use up already stretched resources having to train new staff.

Or in the event of a serious disaster that stops your employees from being able to access the office. With everything stored on the cloud and accessible securely, employees can still collaborate efficiently with both colleagues and customers on any device with only an internet connection required.

Storing data securely

Security becomes paramount when businesses of any size adopt cloud-based services.

Cloud security has been a top concern for businesses in previous years, but recent reports show that is no longer the case. In the current world of IoT (Internet of things) cars and even kitchen appliances can be turned into a connected device, which can be security risks for your network if not protected correctly.

KCOMS Accelerated Cloud Landing Zone has security built-in from the ground up providing you a fully operational and secure cloud platform from day 1.

Saving your business time and money

Physicals servers take time to install, upgrade, and maintain with engineer call outs adding to the already rising costs. To avoid these unwanted charges migrating everything to the cloud is the best option. But what if you don’t have the IT resource or knowledge of cloud services

Setting up a cloud environment where you can develop systems and applications from scratch can take up to 12 months before fully operational and secure even when working with AWS or Azure. Cloud services such as AWS can take time to learn and longer to master especially if you have limited IT resources and cloud knowledge.

Solutions such as KCOMs own Accelerated Cloud landing Zone, provides you a secure and robust cloud environment that automatically integrates all apps and services your cloud needs, fully operational in hours, not months.

Management costs are low and easy to budget for while Operational costs are lower because you can align your capacity with demand, scaling up only when you need it.

Increasing productivity and profitability

Cloud provides your business with a single centralized point where all data, communication, and processing can be accessed. With a central hub such as Microsoft Teams employees can work from anywhere in the world, only needing an active internet connection on their preferred device.

Employees can support and connect with customers by voice, video, or instant messaging providing a greater customer experience as they are not restricted to one form of communication. Employees can also screen share and send documents through these cloud collaboration tools securely and instantly without the need for downloading additional apps.

Businesses can also save money through the integration of Cloud Services.

Cloud accounting software can easily link to customer relationship management software. It all works together and can scale with the business’s growth. Although cloud services are a relatively new technology, they’re already changing the way we do business by making greater productivity possible.

Next steps

We don’t claim to be Business Continuity experts, but we hope our industry recognised steps can help you start creating your own Business Continuity Plan, many templates are available online which could help further.

What we can help with is providing innovative technology to help with conducting business as usual during the new business normal.

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