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Empowering you to deliver the perfect communications solution for your customers.

  • Virtual cloud exchange

    The rise of digital transformation requires today’s technology solutions need to be flexible enough to respond to ever changing needs. The ability to provide scalable connectivity between data centres for public, private or hybrid cloud solutions is now a must. Our virtual cloud exchange provides the ability to link cloud and internet exchanges with our network application to support software defined network and network virtualisation capabilities. This will help you to rapidly develop and deploy solutions and services which can improve business agility and reduce costs. And as a result, you’ll be better able to respond to the evolving requirements of your customer markets.

  • Next-generation customer experience

    As user expectations for customer service continue to grow it’s a constant challenge for businesses to keep up while at the same time maintaining the flexibility, scalability and reliability required. Our Complete Contact Solution provides Contact as a Service (CaaS) incorporating a suite of next generation contact solutions and service integration capability. Add Myriad, our advanced inbound call management platform, and it enables complex call-routing and multi-channel contact capabilities through web portals or API integration into your own interface; all providing you with the flexible platform to deliver to your customers’ service management requirements.

  • Enabling a connected enterprise

    Keeping everyone in the conversation is key to success in today’s collaborative environments so every business needs to make sure its underpinned by an agile and resilient voice and data infrastructure. To support this need we provide our Wholesale Partners with a range of cost-effective and reliable unified communication, IP voice, application performance and security solutions. Together we can provide the solution framework that helps your customers achieve the dynamic, integrated solution they need to truly collaborate.

    Our solutions have been designed with flexibility in mind to meet the needs of our Wholesale Partners; and we offer white labelling and flexible pricing to enable you to tailor solutions to the needs of your customers.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you to maximise your customer value and enhance your customer experience, email us at partner@kcom.com or call us on 0345 122 4777 for a chat.