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Orbix experiences easy migration with KCOM

Many resellers were surprised when O2 Wholesale announced that they were withdrawing from the broadband market but KCOM and Orbix proved that it didn't have to mean a complicated and lengthy process to migrate to another provider.

KCOM worked with Orbix to run a bulk check for FTTC on all their connections.  This enabled Orbix to not just migrate their customers to like-for-like connections, but to also be able to upgrade to FTTC where available. With free, pre-configured hardware as part of their support package the migration of 600 ADSL and FTTC circuits was managed easily and efficiently.

Akira Furuzawa, ISP Manager of Orbix comments; ‘We’ve been working with KCOM for many years and they have always provided us with fast, reliable and well supported connections, so when uncertainties around O2 Wholesale arose, KCOM was the natural choice to migrate our remaining 600 circuits.  In the last few years KCOM have increased their focus on Partners with an updated portal, clear pricing, regular webinars and excellent support from their knowledgeable team.  Their efforts at supporting the migration have been second to none, and they were able to provide a bulk checker for FTTC so we are able to not only migrate our customers, but also offer faster internet speeds at the same time.  With their network management tools, we are working towards aligning our customers to new usage profiles following the migration.”

Henry West, Head of Channel Sales at KCOM comments; ‘Resellers that may be looking to switch providers can rest assured that KCOM is ready to provide a seamless migration with our dedicated care and support team, taking the pain out of mass connections switching providers.  This is the latest in a line of projects that has seen over 16,000 connections migrated to KCOM by our Partners in the past year. We’re delighted to be partnering with Orbix and as part of our dedication to supporting their connections, we are also supplying Sentinel, our unique connection monitoring tool to give them the visibility and manageability of their connections.’

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