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We knew straight away the KCOM ethos matched ours.

MicronTalk deliver fixed lines, Leased Lines, calls and ADSL/SDSL for a range of clients – mostly in the hospitality industry. MicronTalk have been a Partner Reseller of ADSL for some time and then made the decision to also use some of KCOM’s hosting space to run phone systems, Hosted Exchange and SharePoint, through Managed Server Hosting for new hotel builds.

On choosing KCOM

“KCOM invited us to tour their business. No other supplier had offered that and we immediately felt reassured by seeing first-hand how their operation works. We met with key management and knew straight away that the KCOM ethos matched ours: like us, KCOM aren’t box tickers, but a full service company, with the highest standards around. We made the right choice – less than a year after coming to KCOM, we are mid-way through migrating all our ADSL connections over to them.”

On KCOM’s Partner Programme

“There’s a reason why we’re migrating 100% of our ADSL connections to KCOM – and it’s down to the quality of their Partner Programme and the whole service experience. We’ve recently been asked for feedback on KCOM and I genuinely can’t think of much that’s missing in terms of their service.

Our Account Manager is always responsive, we have visibility of the pipeline hugely helps our planning, and the service desk is one of the best we’ve ever come across. There’s nothing like KCOM for support.

Sentinel means we can be proactive and know about problems before our customers do. That’s essential as we offer first line diagnostics ourselves. When we call KCOM, they know we need to go straight into tier 2 support – we never experience long hold times, our calls are always answered, they’re polite and our service desk are happy to deal with them.

When there is a problem, it has always been 100% resolved and always in a timely fashion - if not it’s always because a third party has let us down.”

On how KCOM’s makes our business more successful 

“It’s all about availability, visibility, and access to real people in a UK based organisation where level of training is so high – KCOM support fills our staff with confidence. But there are little extras too, like the performance reports which we insert into propositions to help back up our promises to customers. No other ISP has offered us these statistics but it means we can show that our suppliers are the best too. Marketing resources which can be white-labelled or co-branded also gives us one less thing to think about and is another tool in our toolbox.”

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