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Connect, Cloud and Communicate

Our three portfolios for Partners have been developed to help drive your growth and support the needs of your customers. Whether you are looking to supply a single service to your customers or combine products from any of our portfolios to build a powerful and unified communications platform to take to market, we have all situations covered.

Download our product sheets from the links below for more information about our Partner services. Alternatively, call our Partner team on 0345 122 4777 or email partner@kcom.com to discuss how we can help your business today.


The initial network building blocks of a fully unified communications suite. We use the latest technologies, making them easy to quote for and provision.

Wan Greytrans Small 35X36px Partner Managed WANs

Connect your customers’ sites over a bespoke managed wide area network via any access technology. Provide a dedicated and reliable communications infrastructure backed up by 100% SLAs and full professional services support.

Leasedlines Greytrans Small 35X36pxPartner Leased Lines

Provide your customers with a fast, dedicated and direct Leased Line connection to the internet, designed with resilience and flexibility in mind. Complemented by full line monitoring, 100% SLAs and personalised professional services support for your business.

Bonddsl Greytrans Small 35X36px Partner Bonded DSL

Provide your customers with combined ADSL connections to create a faster single connection with improved bandwidth, resilience and reliability. Bonded DSL provides a significant performance improvement over standard ADSL and is a cost-effective alternative to Leased Lines, especially where FTTC is not available.

Broadband Greytrans Small 35X36px Partner Fibre

Give your customers access to the UK’s next generation Fibre network, offering faster download and upload speeds, reliable connectivity and consistently better performance than a standard ADSL broadband connection.

Broadband Greytrans Small 35X36px Partner ADSL

Our cost-effective ADSL broadband solution offers your customers optional network resilience, fast speeds and improved reliability with 99.9% network availability. Dedicated UK-based account management, support and a range of provisioning options enhance your customer value proposition.

Netmon Greytrans Small 35X36px Small 35X36px Partner Network Monitoring

Get instant visibility of your entire KCOM connectivity estate with our advanced web-based monitoring tool. Proactively troubleshoot and manage performance across your network to keep your customers informed and connected.


Enterprise-level technology for a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with it; individually manage your customers’ cloud product needs.

Hostedex Greytrans Small 35X36px Partner Hosted Exchange

Provide your customers with a more secure, efficient and cost-effective method of collaboration via our managed Hosted Exchange service. Experience dedicated resources, support and managed customer migration options to enhance your business offer.

Lync Greytrans Small 35X36px Partner Lync

Transform the way your customers communicate and collaborate via advanced instant messaging, voice and video conferencing across multiple devices. Expert cloud specialist support, dedicated product resources and a bespoke Partner Portal makes providing the service easy.

Manhost Greytrans Small 35X36px Partner Colocation

Easy to sell and simple to provision, our Colocation service take the hassle out of hosted infrastructure. Consolidate your current hosted services or enhance your existing propositions and offer out to your customers. Designed by our expert engineers and fully backed up by our dedicated customer and technical support teams.

Manhost Greytrans Small 35X36px Partner Hosting

Allow your customers to outsource the setup, operation and maintenance of their dedicated server infrastructure to a fully managed, secure hosted platform that ensures maximum data availability. Expand your hosted portfolio and create bespoke solutions tailored to your customers’ needs at the price points you choose.


A range of voice and data line services that offer flexible, high quality communication; designed to work seamlessly with our Connect and Cloud services.

Chatonline grey icon mediumPartner Myriad

Give your customers an advanced inbound solution and allow them to drive a robust and seamless customer service experience. Myriad offers no capital outlay, simple pay-as-you-use cost structures and competitive call rate packages. Our intuitive, white-labelled portal provides powerful management features that can have a service up and running instantly. Look at our features guide to find out more.

Hostedpbx Greytrans Small 35X36px Partner SmartComms UC

Our SmartComms UC solution provides a fast and risk-free entry into the Unified Communications market. No matter where you or your customers are on your hosted voice journey, we provide dedicated migration support and hassle-free provisioning and service management. Give your customers a scalable, cost-effective IP voice solution that’s flexible enough to meet their needs and provides an excellent platform to increase your sales opportunities with a host of value-add services.

Siptrunks Greytrans Small 35X36px Partner SIP Trunks

Start your customers on the road to a fully IP-based communications solution with our scalable SIP Trunk service and pass on the huge cost-saving and continuity benefits compared to traditional PSTN/ISDN lines. We take care of the provisioning and service support, with expert technical help available whenever you need it. 

Isdn Greytrans Small 35X36px Partner PSTN Lines

Whether it’s a data-only line to provide the underlying connectivity for a Broadband or Bonded DSL solution, or a high quality voice line with a range of features that can be tailored to your customers’ needs, our PSTN services offer a reliable, flexible and cost-effective addition to your communications portfolio.