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Myriad inbound management

Inbound the way it should be done

Customer service is a vital area to get right for a business. If the experience doesn’t deliver on expectations, it can lead to dissatisfaction and lost revenue. Inbound calling is at the heart of many of your current and potential customers’ operations and is a direct link to their customers.

Give your customers an advanced inbound solution and allow them to drive a robust and seamless customer service experience. Myriad off ers no capital outlay, simple pay-as-you-use cost structures and competitive call rate packages. Our intuitive, white-labelled portal provides powerful management features that can have a service up and running instantly.

Add Myriad to your portfolio and offer a more agile inbound platform to meet the dynamic needs of your customers.

Not just a simple call routing engine icon

Not just a simple call routing engine

In-depth reporting and statistics icon

In-depth reporting and statistics

Up and running in minutes icon

Up and running in minutes

Low provisioning and running costs icon

Low provisioning and running costs

Fully-flexible white-labelled portal icon

Fully-flexible white-labelled portal

Accessible from anywhere, any device icon

Accessible from anywhere, any device

Business continuity built in icon

Business continuity built in

Our difference

End-to-end service, from a single provider

When resilience is one of the key benefits of a service, an inbound calling solution involving many different component parts and providers can cause a world of problems if things don’t quite go to plan. If no-one has full end-to-end visibility or responsibility, each provider involved can shift blame to the next. This can be a very frustrating experience for you and could also damage your relationship with your customers as they see you as having ultimate responsibility for their service delivery.

We own and control every part of the Myriad platform and proactively monitor the service to ensure it’s fully operational. Should you need to raise a service issue, all it takes is a single phone call and we’ll take care of it as quickly and effectively as possible, meaning less impact to your customers. We know that happier customers are loyal customers, spending more with you and much less likely to churn.

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Market-leading features and quality of service

We know that Myriad is not the only inbound call solution on the market – but it stands head and shoulders above the competition. Not only does it excel in base level call routing, the breadth and depth of features delivered over a network-integrated platform makes it perfect for your customers’ needs. Myriad is also being continuously developed with your feedback. This ensures that you can offer and support your customers’ contact requirements with business and market-relevant features and functionality.

Myriad has been the first choice inbound call solution for advanced features in the UK for the best part of a decade. We have seen huge growth in user volume and call traffic in that time; a fact that speaks for itself. Myriad is the complete solution for inbound customer contact and management. We have designed the service for you to sell as easily as possible - when Myriad offers you and your customers everything for inbound, there’s no need to look anywhere else.

Please download our product brochure for more information.

If you're interested in purchasing Myriad for your business, please give our Sales Team a call on 0345 122 4777 and we'll be happy to discuss your options.


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