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Our approach

Solutions to fit your business needs

Whether you’re a bigger business with 1,000 colleagues and hundreds of sites, or a smaller business with a single location, we’ll provide the service that fits your business needs perfectly.

We’re passionate about you and the experience you have with us; that’s why we always start out by considering the users of our services. Be that the IT team who are so often the advocates and leaders of change, the executive teams looking for new ways of working, or individual colleagues in the business looking for the tools that will make their lives easier and help them excel in their roles.

With the convergence of the traditional hardware, software and communications industries, businesses are now thinking differently about technology; no longer does it work in the historic silos of the past. That’s why we bring together every element of our Connect, Cloud and Communicate portfolios into a single service experience. Our solutions are designed to evolve as technology develops and your business changes. Wherever possible we offer flexible per user per month plans and we don’t think you should be faced with high upgrade costs just to keep up with the latest technology.

We believe that the choice to work together should be the start of a close relationship. Whether it’s right at the start when you need some help working out what might be the best solution for your business, if something isn’t going quite to plan and you need some technical advice or in-life reviews of new technologies that could help realise your growth plans, we’re here as a trusted partner to advise and support you throughout your journey.

Our service promise

At KCOM we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience, from beginning to end. We have completely unscripted UK-based customer and technical service teams who are always on hand to answer questions, fix issues and give guidance on how to get the best from your service. We pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology and how our Connect, Cloud and Communicate portfolios can help you maximise their potential.

Quite simply, our service promise is to always do our best for our customers, to ensure that the solutions we provide fulfil your business needs and that you feel supported throughout the whole of your relationship with us.

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