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A realistic take on the IoT fridge trope?

A realistic take on the IoT fridge trope?

05/08/2015 10:07 by Anthony Cross
Market and Consumer Analyst

fridgeThere’s so much talk about the Internet of Things but it always seems to be theory rather than practice so I just thought I’d share this from Engadget this week.

Apparently it was announced in April, but it’s making the news again last week. Taking their ‘one click’ buy format from the website/app into the home, these are brilliant. $5 for a WiFi enabled ‘button’ that you press whenever you need to order something. Stick it on the washing machine when you need some powder, fridge if you need some milk etc.

Of course, the future will not be a house full of hundreds of buttons, but it may well be a fridge fitted with a wifi touch-screen that allows you to tap your order in. http://gizmodo.com/amazons-plan-for-the-future-of-shopping-is-more-than-ju-1695160314

This feels far more realistic and controllable than a fridge that decides what you want based on what you don’t put back, and it gets over all the issues around single standards that the IoT world is concerned about. Effectively it’s a device integrated in to a fridge/cupboards/bathroom etc.

Bring on the beer button, I say…

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