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5 trends that will define the future of VoIP

02/01/2018 07:30 by KCOM
KCOM Marketing

A steadily rising market since the early noughties, VoIP is bigger than ever and it looks set to keep on growing with a predicted 9.8% growth in the next four years*.

The great advances in this area over a short space of time have made VoIP one of the most talked about technologies in the communications industry.

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5 ways the Internet of Things will change the face of business

23/11/2017 07:30 by KCOM
KCOM Marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been high on the agenda for a few years now. It has captured the imagination of both the tech industry and consumers.

We’re now seeing the practical impact on businesses, regardless of size or industry, with higher productivity, cost savings and improved energy efficiency.

It’s easy to understand why business leaders are excited; it could provide that global view of everything in the network and access to unprecedented volumes of data around customer behaviours, business operations, working habits and more.

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Be prepared, have a cloud strategy

13/11/2017 06:00 by KCOM
KCOM Marketing

Cloud adoption is growing, yet few organisations have advanced strategies to steer their cloud migration.

That’s according to a recent IDC CloudView survey of over 6,100 IT leaders, in which only 3% of respondents described themselves as having an ‘optimised’ cloud strategy, while 47% described theirs as ‘opportunistic’ or ‘ad hoc’.

It’s surprising that so many organisations aren’t investing time in their cloud strategies as there’s clear evidence of the benefits. A 2016 Cloud Industry Forum report found that 55% of organisations with a cloud strategy believe the cloud has enhanced their competitiveness.

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Cloud: The data breach scapegoat

03/11/2017 07:30 by KCOM
KCOM Marketing

Fair to say, the cloud is virtually indispensable to businesses today. The benefits available using cloud apps and services are widely understood, yet security and data concerns are still preventing some businesses from taking their first steps off-premise.

So, why are there so many still uneasy about storing confidential data in a hosted environment, preferring the perceived safety of private servers? And are these fears backed up by facts?

In truth, many of the dangers lie on the “safe” side of your firewall. A 2015 UK Government survey* found that 75% of data breaches were staff-related, while 50% of breaches were the result of “inadvertent human error”.

Those following simple procedures to safeguard against security threats – both external and internal – will find that moving to the cloud propels them forward and enhances overall competitiveness.

Security awareness training is the key issue here, but with cloud security standards now second to none, the stats above suggest that the cloud is being unfairly regarded as the data breach scapegoat.

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Balancing digital demand with the human touch

25/10/2017 10:06 by Mark Jones
Marketing Executive - Campaigns

In many areas of life, technology has given convenience where there was delay; think self-service checkouts and railway platform ticket machines. It can also bring certainty where there was doubt, providing facts based on always up-to-date information.

But what about services that rely on human relationships? For those who work, there’s a careful balance to be reached between technology, processes and people, but can technology ever provide the same or a better level of service? Should we even wish or expect it to?

That’s the question that Depaul UK will be discussing at this year’s Charity Technology Conference, on 9November at The Mermaid, London.

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